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Don't Drink the Water

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Presented by CCT
Capitol Theatre ~ 159 S. Main Chambersburg PA 17

The plot is simple: three tourists Marion, Walter and daughter Susan Hollander from New Jersey (er, "Joisey") are finishing up their visit of a non-descript country behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War when they are mistaken for spies. They seek refuge in the American Embassy and soon discover they also need to seek refuge from the ineptitude of the son of the American diplomat who is currently overseeing things for his traveling father. He sort of got them into this mess to begin with. It seems that a priest, Father Drobney, has also taken refuge six years earlier and plays magician to pass the time. A KBG type called Krojak makes periodic menacing and threatening visits to let them all know that one day they will all be his to deal with. Naturally, the Hollanders do not like that idea and seek to prove they are not spies and want to go back to Jersey as planned. Not so easy that.

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